Sq. Ft.

Aqua Bags

Boxing RIng

Unlimited Rebellion

rebel is More than just a boxing studio.

It’s fight club meets night club.
It’s strength in mind and body.
It’s loud music, high-energy, high-intensity fun that can’t stop,
won’t stop, for a heart-pumping 60 minutes.

the space

A state-of-the-art facility built for the ultimate workout. 6,000 square feet equipped with 30 aquabags, a boxing ring, multi-functional training room, retail shop and smoothie bar.

The Rebel Yell

We’re taking a stance against the norm. We will not settle for mediocre workouts. We won’t settle for good enough. Rebel against everyday stress. Rebel against routine. Rebel against everything. Get lost in the music, the lights, and harness your energy.


Featured: The Jewish News

Michelle Landry and Noah Dorfman, owners of Rebel Fitness, were featured in the Jewish News in recognition of the launch of the business. Boutique boxing studio Rebel Fitness opened its doors on...

Featured: NBC News

Rebel Fitness was recently featured in an NBC News article focusing on how the #MeToo movement has affected the work out industry, and how we at Rebel Fitness are committed to making an inclusive...


For newbie boxers who are just starting to channel their inner Gigi Hadid, that first time stepping into a ring can be kind of (okay, really) intimidating.One thing that can help, however, is having...