For newbie boxers who are just starting to channel their inner Gigi Hadid, that first time stepping into a ring can be kind of (okay, really) intimidating.One thing that can help, however, is having a few pro tips under your belt before you braid your hair and pull on a pair of lace-up leggings. For starters, “boxers don’t just punch a bag all day long—they need strength, conditioning, endurance, technique, and even yoga,” explains Nicole Schultz, vice president of development and head brand trainer at EverybodyFights boxing gym, which opened in New York City this week. (George Forman III is a founder, and the space features two rings, a 40-person bag room, a “road work” area with treadmills, and a section for strength training, FYI.) It’s why, she says, anyone can benefit from the sport.Continue Reading