IF FITNESS AND THERAPY had a baby it would be boxing. There is nothing like a high-intensity sweat sesh – in gloves – to get us feeling fierce, empowered and the best kind of sore.

This summer, BoxUnion, a gorgeous new boxing studio in Santa Monica opened not to far from our HQ. We’ve been taking full advantage of their day-to-night group class schedule and hitting the bag as often as we can.

Founded by business execs turned fitness-obsessees, Todd Wadler and Felicia Alexander, BoxUnion promises to be the next big boom in group fitness studios and we asked Felicia to tell us why she thinks boxing is having such a moment right now.  Here she is on all the mind-body benefits of boxing. Head over to  Instagram today to get a glimpse inside the class we’re hosting there today, then enter to win a pair of your very own gloves…

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